A blockchain-secured cookbook with easily sharable recipes

Culinary is simple and easy to use, and runs on the Blockstack platform, meaning that your data is secure, protected and only accessible by you! i.e. there are no servers scanning your data.
See a sample shared recipe - French Fried Rice
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5 Reviews5.0/5
HI! I'm the maker of Culinary. It's an online cookbook where you can store recipes, except the data is decentralized, meaning each user's data is stored separately, in a place only accessible to the user. It uses Blockstack for authentication. Culinary is free! The decentralized storage is provided as a part of the Blockstack platform, and developers are paid via the App Mining program, of which ProductHunt support is the criteria. So please support! Culinary is a very usable initial product - a simple, but usable app to save and share your recipes. Do you have suggestions for improvements? Please let me know! And check out our sister app targeted at coders, Codelets
This is a fantastic product. I use it all the time to store and remember my favorite recipes. Very easy to pull up my recipes. Thank you!