Smart firewall for your connected home

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Einaras Gr
@einarasg · Co-Founder @ CUJO
Thank you for the great questions and for so many upvotes on day one!
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Artur Fruman
@arturfruman · Co-Founder, Welzoo & LegendsCard
I don't even care what it does, I want one because it looks epic.
Einaras Gr
@einarasg · Co-Founder @ CUJO
CUJO is a smart firewall that shields all of your home devices against cyber security threats. Using a combination of cloud services, machine learning, and mobile apps to manage your network, CUJO's revolutionary plug-n-play solution gives you peace of mind while online. ***Why CUJO?*** With our homes full of connected devices we've become easy targets for … See more
Peter Abraham
@peterabraham · President, Abraham
This product looks really smart. I want one.
João Antunes
@joantune · co partner, Survs
So, does CUJO offer threat detection for directly wired to the router computers? how does it inspect that traffic? does it do ARP poisoning to trick the router to also send that to CUJO? What about wireless? I'm assuming that given the password it just sits there sniffing on it, is that correct? Also, privacy should be a concern here, how do you give any k… See more
Jan Ahrend
@janahrend · PhD Student, University of Oxford
Interesting. Two questions: 1) Will it detect wireless deauth attacks, evil twin APs/MITM and in general war driving? 2) Does it support wireless device fingerprinting - as in 'an unknown device is in close proximity of your home'? I bet most burglars forget to turn off their phone's WIFI :)