Feature-rich online payment platform with low fees

Hi everyone, I'm Corey the founder of Cuffr. Over the last few years I've seen a ton of cool products come out in payments, mostly built on Stripe and Braintree. I noticed that because of the buy rates, most of these products are having to mark up their fees quite a bit to run their business. We built Cuffr to provide the same payment features most small businesses need but without the middle man. This allows us to keep our transaction fees the lowest in the industry and pass certain savings along that Visa and Mastercard offer. We are growing and adding new features as users request them. We want to give our users the tools they need to get paid without the high fees to do so.
Why Cuffr over any other solutions out there?
@bentossell Better rates than Paypal or Stripe at 2.79% + 30¢, and easier integration into sites & mobile.
@bentossell Hi Ben, We built Cuffr to provide the payment features individuals or small companies would need without the high transaction cost and monthly fees. We try to pass as much savings as possible to our users. We also want to make easy for users to get the buttons, forms, invoices, etc they need to get paid without learning complex software.
@cyoung1170 cool, thanks for letting me know
Is it powered by Stripe, or do they have their own payment processor?
@marklyttleton Hi Mark. We are not powered by Stripe. We currently use a connection direct to TSYS for our US processing. This allows us to control the costs and pass along savings to our customers.
When will an API for subscriptions be available and what will the fees look like? About to integrate a new payment processing solution, curious to see if this product matches up to our needs
@kevinyun Hi Kevin, we currently don't offer an API. All our features are inside our platform.
@cyoung1170 is this US only or can be used anywhere? I'd love to use this here in India 😃 great job 😄 all the best..
@ambonium Hi Amrith, currently we are US only. We are planning to move to Canada, EU, UK, and Australia next. We are also trying to figure out how we can offer the service in India as soon as possible. We think that would be a great market for our service given all the freelancers there.