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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2014
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A modern LifeAlert is refreshing. I have a few questions that you could consider explaining better on the site: How does this offer something better than using Find My Friends on iOS? (You have the push to alert thing, but that's it right?) How does it not need a charge for a whole year? The problem I most frequently run into with FMF is that it has to re-locate when I want my wife's location, takes several minutes, and I end up closing the app before it finishes locating. If your cuff sends location more frequently to avoid that problem, then how does it not need a charge for 365 days? If it still has that problem, then why should I trust it to give me a location quickly so I can help whoever is wearing it? Simply touch your cuff and everyone gets alerted? This seems like there would be a ton of accidental alerts. What if I'm bearing the wrist band and simply place my hands on my laptop keyboard and it goes off? Overall I'm always happy to see someone modernize a good service, so keep on keeping on! Hopefully my comments will help add some clarity :)