Get rewarded for quitting smoking - AI to reduce smoking

As someone who has been (unsuccessfully) trying to quit smoking for a very long time, I'm interested to see if this yields a different result. The website invites me to sign up for a "free trial" so I'm curious where I can find pricing information.
@jthompson_ma Hi Jared, thanks for your feedback. As the product is in beta, we are not charging our existing market study users anything. But we have a growing waitlist
@casielane it learns my smoking patterns by automatically detecting when I'm smoking, and then gives me incentives (Starbucks/Uber) to add more time between cigarettes.
@alinawab is there a social aspect to it? Not having a social break with smoking compadres is sad. Put 2 smokers together and they talk. Put 2 random non-smokers together and they stare at their phones 😂
@casielane yes there is. We are subject matter experts in this area so the social aspect couldnt be ignored :)
Hi everyone, we built Cue to help ourselves overcome smoking. After encouraging initial pilots, we are inviting users for a larger market study. We built Cue for ourselves, using our expertise in machine learning for sensor data (at we sell our software to large companies that make sensors). Using our motion library, we can track each time a person is smoking, without draining the battery. After that we use machine learning to figure out the optimal reduction plan for each user, while incentivizing them to add more time between cigarettes. The incentives used for our current pilots are Uber/Starbucks credits. Here are a few user testimonials "After 24 years of smoking, this has been the only thing to help thus far.” "Cue is a helpful app because it provides positive reinforcement that rewards delaying my next cigarette" "I would share this with anyone needing help to quit for good” We wrote a more detailed paper on what, why, how and our initial test results here -> We are on a mission to make the lives of a billion people happier and healthier, starting with smoking.