Getting together with friends offline

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Cool app! i worked on something similar ( and would love to see someone come up with a solution that catches on!
I've been thinking about this exact idea for a while now, glad someone built it. In my opinion, this serves the niche of "casual plan making", where you want to invite a bunch of friends to do something casual. E.g. it's "Tuesday night, does anybody want to grab dinner" type of plans. Looks like they JUST launched, but the app seems to be quite functional. I'm excited to give it a try and see if it goes anywhere.
@taykcrane Hey Taylor, great to see the idea finds interest :-) Let me know how you like it and if you find it useful!
Still very much an MVP, but what it does that's interesting is how it engages people around events without the need for the app (iOS only). Look forward to seeing what comes next.
Hi! I am Nadine and one of the co-founders of Cue. We wanted to create a really easy way to get friends together for an activity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!