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Cuddy helps you find people doing the same online course so you can learn and grow together. You're already working hard to master React, Vue or machine learning. Find a buddy to learn with and make e-learning fun and easy during quarantine!
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Hi! One of the best things you can do during quarantine is to learn a new framework, programming language or something different entirely. But doing these courses feels kinda lonely and often you just stop doing them so I thought I’d create a site where you can find buddies to do the same course with (frankly this quarantine is becoming really boring). The idea is that you talk regularly about your progress and problems you're facing so you can learn and grow together. Being locked up won't stop us from learning, making things and connecting with awesome people!
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@alexilesh12 Thank you! Really appreciate it :)
This is a very cool platform. Super relevant now. You can also find useful materials at and then you may find the motivation to study. I think that this platform will be useful to many students who are now challenging to motivate themselves to study while sitting at home.
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