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Hello ProductHunt community, Since the last time we were hunted here, we’ve evolved into a food blogging platform serving millions per month and thousands of dollars in revenue per blogger every month. Cucumbertown’s focus is on creating the best tools and ecosystem to let the food blogger focus on building content and nurturing the audience and leave the rest to the platform. Here are some of them: http://norecipes.com/ http://www.saffrontrail.com/ http://www.tastychao.com/ mine: http://www.alittlebitofspice.com/ etc. We are building the whole spectrum of toolkit from a RecipeWriter, analytics system, affiliate management, social media, connectors to theme customizers. Cucumbertown’s mission is to make this into a livelihood for the food blogger. We work a bit like the YouTube model, sharing revenue. Revenue comes via – ads, affiliates and premium services. We’ve taken a very fragmented market and focused on high friction aspect and made it zen level simple. At the core we have a very simple publishing tool similar to the Medium editor. What would otherwise be hours of frustrating work for a blogger, we make the whole experience a bit https://twitter.com/saffrontrail... :-) The inbuilt analytics system helps you to get a bird’s eye view of how well your content is doing, with breakdowns of traffic, referral sources and follower counts. An automated Recipe Index collates all the rich data from your recipes into a structured format. So readers can browse recipes based on course, cuisine, time taken and even ingredients, without you putting in any additional effort. There’s a whole lot more, articulated in the homepage. I mentioned it earlier but Cucumbertown’s focus is to make this into a livelihood. With ads, affiliates, sponsored content and other brand engagement we operate by economics-of-scale. This usually leads to 100-1000% more in revenue than running a food blog of your own. Would love to answer queries. And finally, our twitter wall of love: https://twitter.com/cucumbertown...
@cherianthomas I love food blogs 🍴🍕🍔🍟🍗🍖🍝🍛🍤🍱🍣 Thank you for building the platform!
@kzynakamura You are welcome!
@cherianthomas Do you share revenue with you your users? Or they use their own adsense or ad accounts? How do you earn out of the same?
We share revenue with the users like the YouTube way. We partner with over 15 ad networks across domains including food space and serve ads via Google DFP ad server which is closely integrated with Adx (Adsense’s big brother) In addition to this we do realtime bidding and ensure 100% fill rates and a lot more. This is a lot more complicated and 100-1000% more yielding than an amateur doing Adsense. Besides this we have affiliates to promotes product you recommend http://d.pr/i/10t9F We integrate with multiple vendors from Amazon, Safeway and others. The bloggers are largely oblivious to this and get a pretty interface to abstracting the nuances This is also substantially rewarding. More details here: https://magazine.cucumbertown.co... Brands also reach out to us to do sponsored content with bloggers. Then to premium services – And ad free subscription for your audience that gives them nutritional info, priority support etc. In all of these we share nearly all the revenue with the blogger. The sum of all these monetization channel is extremely powerful and rewarding for the bloggers.
@cherianthomas So do you have adsense host api approval? As I was planning something on like revenue sharing but Adsense policy says you cant do unless you have approval for host api. And I see you are using adsense. So do you have approval for host API? How much % of earning do you share with your users?
I'm a part-time food blogger, in my less-than-copious, spare time and moved to Cucumber Town last year from a hosted wordpress blog. CT was a huge huge upgrade for me, and the intense focus on food blog vertical has allowed them to create features specifically suited for recipes. @cherianthomas + team: Great job!
Cucumbertown was hunted over a year back. Since then they have evolved into a food blogging platform that also generates a blogger’s livelihood.
This is awesome! I already advised it to one of my friends who was looking for this product - they wanted to use it within their team to grow company culture by different team members doing posts on local restaurant reviews.
That's such a great idea, hope you can guys can grow exponential!