A productivity timer for remote teams.

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Cuckoo is a productivity timer for remote teams.

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William Kurosawa
William Kurosawa@toshibr · Developer
It's useful even to use alone! It's been a great replacement for my PomodoroApp on Mac. Also, the best "Break Time" Messages. (except for one that encouraged me to call my ex.. haha)
Alexandre Ferrari
Alexandre Ferrari@aferrari · Growth Manager @
Very well made tool! Really appreciate the UX design. So useful for our remote team to put everyone easily at the same process.
Tekeste Kidanu
Tekeste KidanuHunter@iamtekeste
Beautifully designed timer app for remote workers. Create a link and share it with your remote team.
Renato Carvalho
Renato CarvalhoMaker@renato_carvalho
Thanks @iamtekeste for submitting Cuckoo. It's an honor to be featured on Product Hunt :) Cuckoo was created to help distributed teams to be productive. We were using tomatoist before that and it was a great inspiration for us, but since it was gone, we couldn't find another tool to help us. So we created Cuckoo, our goal is to create a beautiful, easy and fun tool to help you and your team to be productive. Cuckoo was designed and developed during a hackathon at @startaeteam where all the team was part of its creation. Since then, we didn't stop to evolve Cuckoo, there's a Slack integration coming up, a Mac application open for beta testers and also an iOS app on the backlog. I'm one of the co-creators of @cuckooteam and I'd be happy to answer all your questions!
Tekeste Kidanu
Tekeste KidanuHunter@iamtekeste
@startaeteam @cuckooteam @renato_carvalho My pleasure. I really love its simplicity and design.