Find, Book, and Manage K-12 Camps, Classes, Lessons

I think it is a great idea and addresses a very important pain point for a lot of parents! Awesome job!
@lecanardmalade Thank you so much!!
Fantastic! Every parent I know needs this.
@edwardshepard Thank you so much! We cannot wait to scale outside of Colorado.
Great idea...went through the whole registration process before they tell me it's only available in Boulder, CO :(
@adamrsweet You are right, we will update the messaging to make this more clear. Thank you for the feedback!
Are there really 1500 camps in Boulder? I registered too, took me a while to figure out that it's only in Boulder. Wasn't really sure what to do here otherwise. Seems over engineered to me.
@apples_over_oranges There are over 1500 camps, classes and tutors geared for Boulder area parents (some are outside of the city). This is our launch and test market and we will be dialing in functionality and messaging so we can scale rapidly. Appreciate the feedback -- and updating geography messaging today.