Your personal portable laser engraver

Cubiio is a portable laser engraver so you can put your custom design on basically everything, anytime. Cubiio will be your partner in decorating, changing, renovating and much more.

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I wasn't sold until I saw the pancake engraving demo. Now I'm in!
@kristofertm Pancakes might be a bit cold by the time the laser engraving is done. Dessert pancakes?
@junesix Haha you're right. Maybe you need to begin engraving after 1st flip while it's still on the skillet.
Seems like a really dangerous idea
Also engraves shameful tattoos on your enemies foreheads
I mean, I have no clue why I need this product, but damn sure that I am going to get it!
It's cool, but there are alot of stringent regulations surrounding this. You may be hard pressed to get passing certifications for UL, CE, CSA, etc. I've worked with all these certifications in the past in my other jobs and something like this would definitely raise eyebrows.