Save any music you run across, stream all on the same player

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Hey Product Hunters! We know you come across audio content on countless different mediums: on Youtube, Spotify, your Facebook feed, discovery services like Pandora, blogs, you name it. helps you easily save these sounds and stream all in the same player, no matter what the source is. Instead of asking you to change your listening experience, we wanted to be WITH you in your experience. That’s what our Chrome extension is for. It gives you a “save” button wherever you come across audio content; one click will add it to your library. We believe that the music library experience has to be redefined for the streaming era, and wrote more about it here: is currently in private beta, but our doors are wide open to you! So excited to hear your thoughts and questions, we'll be here all day answering them :)
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Nice product but you lost me when you placed an automatic tweet after I signed up with Twitter. You shouldn't do that without the user knowing, I suggest you ask people to tweet so they can skip the waiting list for example.
@samuelbeek Thanks for the feedback Samuel, never intended to make you feel uncomfortable. We've fixed this.
The auto-tweeting problem is fixed, thank you all for the feedback!
Using it for a while now, at last the music around gathered in one place!
@ahmetsulek a pleasure to have you in our beta community :)
Look great! Very excited to start using it. Nice onboarding too. Curious if you have designed for the case where links are deprecated or lost. Does it search for another source or just show a dead link? This was my main gripe with Hypem
@alokepillai We continuously check if there are any dead links, and update with the new one. There also exists the case that the algorithm doesn't find a new replacement, we're working on making it better :)
@erdemgelal @alokepillai Good to know. I am 11 new sounds deep & loving it. Keep it up guys!