Cubetto by Primo Toys

Hands on coding for ages 3 and up

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I'm co-founder of Primo Toys. Cubetto is a wooden robot powered by a programming language you can touch. You drive cubetto around a map by writing programs using tangible blocks. It's inspired by the LOGO Turtles of yesteryears, but instead of just making the robot tangible, we made the coding part tangible, and screen-less. We've developed Cubetto specifically for an early years Montessori setting (3 to 6), and we're also super proud to have creates the first coding toy that sighted and non-sighted children can play with in the same setting. We're looking for ideas on what else we could connect our tangible coding language and interface board to, our Kickstarter campaign funded yesterday, getting $100k in 17 hours, so we're already thinking of possible extension ideas. Thank you!
Congrats folks, looks super, now all I need is a kid :) I really like the screen-free interface and I really love the subroutine option... Do you have one wheeling an infinite loop around the office?
@mbym :) infinite loops are pretty fun to watch when kids discover them. I'm glad you all like this :)
Our kids will *love* playing with #Cubetto.  It'll be their first programmable robot, and (I hope) will make programming easy and fun. Can't wait to help them play with it! :)
@billday Hey bill. Thank you! If there is one thing we're 100% sure of is children really enjoying the play that comes with it. Truth be told the adults enjoy it quite a bit too :)
Great way to teach kids programming. We have a Beta unit & my daughter loves the Cubetto robot and having the power to make it move. I also love that it doesn't involve a screen!
@masters212 You have both generations now don't you Rachel?
Wonderful, not surprised you hit your kickstarted target so quickly. Assuming the kit and parts will grow?
@leewynne hope for the technology is to create more blocks that connect to more Primo Toys devices, or third party devices, like drones, more complex bots, smart-lights etc... The board can already cope with this expansion, but the challenge is finding objects and sets of instructions that children can connect to and manipulate in a meaningful way, rather than connecting to everything for the sake of IOT, so we're open for ideas.