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Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! We're excited to be on Product Hunt and show you guys what we have been building. Here's a video teaser of what Cubeit does - We started out building Cubeit because we realized that your digital life is spread across too many different apps and we wanted to bring it all in one place. We wanted to create one place where you can store anything and everything. Here's a use case: You are researching a story on Elon Musk. You get content from multiple sources - Tim Urbans comprehensive article, a Product Hunt link from the Tesla Model X launch, Space X video from YouTube, Musk's tweets and so much more. On your PC you would open a folder and put all these different types of content into it. On the phone, we've built Cubeit to get your apps together. You can also share content from any app to anybody irrespective of if they have the app installed. It’s for every conversation that doesn’t fit inside an app, whether the conversation is with your best friend, your twitter community or with yourself. Our interface also makes content viewable and actionable. So instead of links/text you get neat little cards which change depending on the type of content you save. For example, if you save the Tesla headquarters location from Map in Cubeit, instead of a link or an image, you get an actionable card - We identify the type of content and create a card with Uber and Navigate buttons - so you can take action on content from right within Cubeit. You can really use Cubeit for a bunch of different things - Create a Cube (that's what we call a collection of content) to follow the hottest new startup with friends, or save and organize resources for a book you want to write, or create a list and quickly share it to social media. As examples here are a few Cubes we created - The Best Productivity Tools from Product Hunt - Everything you wanted to know about Virtual Reality - A Cube of Resources for Designers - Product Managers Reading List - Best of the Golden Kitty Awards - As an exclusive for Product Hunt users we are opening up access to the pre release version of the Cubeit web app. The experience is not as streamlined as in the Cubeit mobile app, but we are getting there. I and the rest of the team look forward to hearing from everyone on Product Hunt what they think of Cubeit, and how we can make it better for you guys! Also, any other apps you would want us to support. (Everyone loves GIFs, so they’re already supported in Cubeit :))
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@nithinkumar_g Cool idea Why do you think something like this hasn't taken off previously? Similar things like Relevant have launched previously but just something doesn't seem to blow up and stick
Thanks @bentossell. Relevant did a good job with cards. Their use case is quite different, it’s a lot closer to Google Now than we are. We are more focused on conversations around content. We had an aha moment when we noticed this trend: No three people have the same app they use for content consumption and discovery. We call these tertiary apps, which are not your primary messaging or social app like Facebook or Twitter. Examples are Pinterest, Pocket, Reddit, Medium, Quora, Feedly, Flipboard, Imgur, 9gag, Twitter, ProductHunt and many many more. People find content from different places and conversation around them are not possible as their friends are not on the app. You have the conversation around a link. We wanted to give the native feel around the conversation. It also a great way for communities to grow without people having the app. Almost like a try before you install.
@nithinkumar_g what is the elevator pitch for this product?
@charlesjo @nithinkumar_g View and share stuff from your favorite apps, all in one place.
Cubeit lets you save, search, and share content from different apps in one place. Save content from different apps by sharing to Cubeit, or use the Chrome Extension if you are on the desktop. You can save links, videos, files, images, notes, maps, reviews from Yelp, contacts and much more. Full list of supported apps here - Everything in Cubeit is saved as cards. You can put together cards from different sources in a 'Cube' to organize them.
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@kwdinc Thanks! Especially excited to see what kind of 'Cubes' the community comes up with :)
Been using Cubeit for a while now, and its sort of become a replacement for my group chats. I share interesting stuff with my team, and what I like most is that it is agnostic of platform. I can add GIFs, tweets, links, images, videos, and everything is in a neat UI. Looking forward to what these guys do next! :D @mythun
Hey @vasanthkamath Thanks a lot for checking us out. Great to hear your enjoying Cubeit! Lookout for the recommendations, that is what we are focusing on next.
I've been using Cubeit since the last two months and I really like the on boarding and design of the app. It's quite useful in making work related collections on mobile.
Hey @yashpkotak thanks a lot for checking us out. Great to hear your enjoying Cubeit! From a work perspective what are the other apps you use that you would like to see in Cubeit in case they aren't already there?
Thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! If your interested in reading more about why we built Cubeit and the problem we are solving, checkout this blog post: As an exclusive for Product Hunt we are opening up access to the pre release version of the Cubeit web app. The experience is not as streamlined as in the Cubeit mobile app, but we are getting there.