Work & play in 3D

CubeChat is a web app for work & play in 3D. CubeChat can be used for meetings, office hours, and parties!
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5 Reviews5.0/5
Dennis XuCo-founder, Mem Labs
The first time I tried CubeChat, I couldn't stop laughing for minutes on end. It was the most fun I've had using a piece of software in years. We've run multiple happy hours on CubeChat since then. Excited to see where David and team take this product!
Alex AtallahCo-Founder, OpenSea
CubeChat might be targeting a more informal audience, but I think it could be a gamechanger for team meetings. Running a remote company makes it hard to add spontaneity and get people to look forward to meetings, but asking people to join a CubeChat always puts people in a better mood. Who doesn't want to be a cube? The first game room consists of a tower of cubes that you can bounce on, and it's nearly impossible to reach the top. It's like playing flappy bird while talking to your coworkers. And you can always plummet to the bottom to check out someone's screenshare.
My go to remote happy hour "virtual world"! It's like a post-COVID adult amusement park. It's absolutely delightful. There's a little education you have to provide, but the learning curve is quick!
David Pan
Co-Founder @CubeChat
Hi Makers! After months of development, CubeChat is now available for public sign-up! Just create a room and share the link with your friends--CubeChat runs in your browser. Some features are that everyone can jump, fly, share a screen, share images (and memes :) ), create privacy bubbles, and fire laser blasters. Spatial audio allows for multiple conversations in a room at once. CubeChat can also be used for general meetings and group hangouts. Currently there can be up to 16 people in a room (10 people is recommended for most devices). We made CubeChat to help people party remotely, especially in these times. Let's cube! 🧊