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Hi there! is a brand new marketplace for artists and game developers where you can sell or shop for a variety of art resources. We launched just last month but as you can see we've been able to rally some exceptional creators and gather some amazing content already. We're all about art with products like tutorials, 3D models, textures, brushes, photo references & more and we're pushing forward as hard as we can to become the main destination for artists and game developers alike. Need to improve your skills or find assets to complete your projects - has got you covered! Really looking forward to your feedback!
Marc, other than the percentage payment (95% / 70%) what features differentiates your service from other brokerages? Does Cubebrush make any effort to keep out trademark violating content?
@lynnfredricks Hi Lynn, the way we go about this problem is by hand-picking our sellers. To sell on Cubebrush, sellers need to apply on the site and they are only approved if they have great content to sell and a clean background. The art community is pretty good at picking out bad apples so it's never been a problem so far, but we will be adding "report" buttons on all products soon in case we miss something and our community picks it up. We have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to trademark/copyright violations. Aside from our particular fee structure you mentioned, our sellers also benefit from beautiful store with super simple UX. Uploading products is as simple/quick as it gets, they can customize their store, set their own prices, upload products up to 16 GB, have access to analytics, quick payouts twice a month, direct deposits soon, no exclusivity lock-ins, no weird platform-specific restrictions, and the list goes on. "No-nonsense" is a rule we go by. On the customer's side you can expect all the typical marketplace features, like product ratings, reviews, lots of preview images/videos but what really sets us appart is the fact we curate content by having an application process for the sellers. You can expect all the content on Cubebrush to be high quality - something other marketplaces in the industry can't say. We're also the only ones with such a wide range of content. One of the features I think is the coolest however is the library, a page where you can find all your previous purchases for easy re-downloads or stream any video content you might have. If you buy a tutorial, you can watch it on the go. We're just starting so expect the list of feature to grow considerably this year - very exciting times! Hope this mini novel answered your question ;)
@bluefley @lynnfredricks Hi Marc - this is encouraging. Are you saying that trademark / copyright violators are automatically kicked off of Cubebrush? Is this a result of a DMCA takedown notice? Let me preface this with why I ask. Another company of mine licenses content. In my experience, at least one of the best known content brokerages examines uploads yet still posts trademark violating content on a regular basis and hides behind safe harbor. We found several instances of our popular 3D Santa character on the site (a variant is NORAD Tracks Santa official Santa). I have regularly visited their site and seen DC and Marvel characters for sale there by individual artists not associated with the owning companies. Yet this is one of the oldest and most well known content brokerages. One has to wonder what happens when violating content gets removed - because there is no guarantee than anyone who innocently licensed it from a false vendor know they are violating copyright law when they use it. What is your process of notification in case this happens?
@lynnfredricks We will remove the products in question right away after we receive a valid DMCA notice from the requesting party or if a product gets a few reports. We give one warning, following violations will result in a ban from the platform. We've never actually had to use it yet but we have a notification system where each customers of a product in violation will receive an automated message alerting them of the situation if said product is deleted by admins for copyright/trademark infringement. We use the same kind of notifications when a seller updates one of his product for example - each customer will receive a notification saying the product has been updated by the owner. Hope this answers it! Cheers!
@bluefley I think that would do the trick if the message is clear. If you just say "this product was deleted pursuant of a DMCA takedown request" then they will not necessarily understand that they have no safe harbor protection like the network provider has.