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This projector has been out for quite a long time (years?) Is this just the latest model? From someone who has owned several pico projectors and general use entertainment projectors, save your money. The only advantage here is the size, but there are other pico projectors that aren't that much bigger that offer HD resolution with similar or better light output in the same price range. For starters, look at the laser pico projectors (uses lasers vs LED as a light source). Cellulon and Sony make the 2 most popular (both use the same tech from microvision). Sharper picture, better perceived brightness, same volume in terms of size, plus all the advantages of laser vs LED.
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@wuss Would you have any strong recommendations for alternatives, ie any particular models?
@sarthakgrover If size is the priority over resolution and brightness, I'd reccomend either the Cellulon Pico Pro or Sony MP-CL1, which has the same display tech, but offers some other features like horizontal keystone correction (for off center placement). They both run around 300-350. Direct competitors to the cube, but much better resolution, focus free (which is a big deal, LED projector focus tends to "drift" after a few minutes of use requiring you to readjust), and better contrast ratios. Basically, don't buy this thing. If it were priced sub $200, it would make more sense, but both laser pico's I mentioned surpass the cube in every single way, unless you're specifically looking for a projector in the shape of a cube.
@wuss Cool, thanks. I think at this time I don't have any 'business use' for this so size is not really a big deal, willing to compromise on it for better quality.
Can anyone speak to both brightness and resolution of something like this? Always been curious but never pulled the trigger because it always felt anemic.
@shloky Those stats are pretty weak. You can find a lot better projectors on Amazon for a fraction of the price. The small form factor of this is convenient though, but not $300 convenient.
Saw this on amazon a while back, seems to have good reviews.
This product looks amazing, but I would really love for there to be USB port that would let you view what's on your iPhone (or Android device for that matter). Not sure why this wasn't included. 🤓
@tpbtv I have the cube and connect it to my iPhone with the hdmi adapter from Apple. Works great.
Only 50 lumens?