The distributed cloud. Zero-knowledge, zero monthly fees.

Cubbit is building a distributed, peer-to-peer network for cloud storage on top of which a new internet can be built: privacy-first, decentralized, free of monthly subscriptions.
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I am Alessio Paccoia, Lead Developer at Cubbit. We are building a distributed, p2p network that virtualizes a zero-knowledge cloud storage platform. Our goal is to decentralize the internet by providing a data center-less infrastructure that is free from monthly fees and gives the users total control of their data. If you want to try Cubbit, back our Kickstarter campaign (which is already 500% funded) and you’ll be invited as a beta tester in early April. I’ll be happy to answer any question you might have.
@alessiopcc I would like to explore partnership opportunities. I am the CPO @ PicoNets- an edge computing/hyperlocal CDN.
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Ok, wow. Just. Wow. This is genuinely impressive and really exciting! I watched all the videos, read the presentation on kickstarter and some of the long replies to comments and I can see that this is really well-thought-out and frankly it’s simply a fantastic idea overall. The only thing that I would be worried about had I bought one of those is the possibility of not enough people using them, which would put my files at risk. If this doesn’t catch on for whatever reason and people’s devices start to break and they don’t care to replace them or they just disconnect them, then the data stored on the cloud will start to disappear. I read that you have plans to allow people to turn anything into a server, so that will lower the barrier of entry tremendously and then we can be pretty sure that there will always be enough people on the swarm to keep files safe. Until then though it is something to worry about, is it not? I am very intrigued by this concept and the execution (may I just say that the marketing is fantastic) and would love to get one of them right away but I would have to pay crazy import fees unless you’re going to be shipping them from Europe. I wish you the best of luck and truly wish that your product will become a household name and solve the current issues with the cloud.
Hi @anna_0x, thanks for your excitement! Regarding your worries I have to say that supply and demand are always balanced on the network and just 36 devices are enough to work. If you are wondering where the number 36 comes from, it has been chosen after running simulations on the network to ensure the highest possible availability, while minimizing the storage needed for the redundancy. Our industrial partner has two production sites: China and US; in this stage we rely on them, but - as a company - we take care of VAT.

in 5 or 10 years or will this company lima pogoplug and more have already created similar box dependent on an online account on dedicated server, the server is down you have more access to your data


why not write the truth with synology and qnap NAS you have the same technology


, it is mandatory to go through your server and your network there is no access to data outside your network this is penalizable