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Ctrlpanel is a minimalistic and safe way to manage your passwords.

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Thanks @fritjofsson for the hunt! We launched Deseat.me (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) a bit over a year ago. We’ve received the feedback and support one can only dream about. Thank you! 🙏 Soon after our launch, we realized that there was some hidden value with Deseat.me. It did not only find the accounts we wanted to delete, it also found the ones we wanted to keep. They were just lying there and we wanted to add value to them. In the journey of getting our accounts in order, we have tried a lot of password managers. When doing so, one problem got stuck with us. They are great if we started using them at birth, but we didn’t. The issue still remained. Adding ALL our accounts at once and easily changing to secure passwords. A one-time setup so to speak. Then it dawned on us. Putting a password manager and deseat.me together it becomes what we have always wanted. So we did. Secure passwords are without a doubt the most important thing we can do to protect ourselves on the internet. However, the journey does not end there. We have set out to build the easiest solution for robust security. There is a lot to be done. All feedback is golden! 🙌 Use the coupon code "producthunt" for 3 months free.
Congrats on the launch! Can you talk more about how Ctrlpanel is different from eg 1password? You mention that it’s easier to get started with you guys, but it’d be great to understand how you all compare to others in the space
@jrwallenberg Thank you! I think that 1Password is a great password manager with a big focus on flexibility. The thing we want to improve is to 1) make it easy to get up and running, by giving you a list of all your current accounts using deseat.me, and also 2) enforce good habits. That means that there is no way to use the same passwords on more than one site, or use a weak password for any site, instead, Ctrlpanel enforces unique and secure passwords. All in all, I think that it gives us a great opportunity to have a simpler UI, whilst making it even safer for our users.
@linusu Thanks! I used 1pw at my last company (primarily for shared functionality) but now that I'm only looking for private use this could be great. Definitely forgetting to secure some of my accounts out of laziness 🙈

I've been using ctrlpanel since beta, I love the simplicity of the design and the generated password format. It's nice and refreshing!


Secure, simple interface, easy to use


No team support

Thank you for all your early feedback during the beta, you helped make Ctrlpanel as awesome as it is today! Team support is definitely something we are looking into, stay tuned 😎
Looks cool. How much does it cost after the 7 day free trial?
@xanthewoodhead Thank you!!! 🙌 $2.99/month (or $24.99/year), you can use the coupon code "producthunt" for 3 months free. 🎉