CTRL + Walt + Delete - Nilay owes Walt $100

The debut episode of The Verge's new podcast with Walt Moss…

Clever name. 😄 More deets on the new show from @reckless here. h/t @CaseyNewton for this hunt
What a combination 😄
@tristancelebi srsly. will definitely be following this
Thank you Ryan!
Announcement post: http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/2... So what's the podcast gonna be about? Nilay explains: "Ctrl-Walt-Delete is a new kind of platform for Walt — one where he can bring his incredible depth and range of experiences to the conversation around tech, and tell stories very few people have ever heard before. We'll be taking his weekly column here at The Verge and drawing out the themes and patterns he's seen across his incredible two-decade run as the most important reviewer in tech, and trying to draw those themes into the future."