Search printed documents, with your camera!

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So cool! I wish it was on iPhone as well...
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@nivo0o0 Thanks! An iOS version is in the pipeline :-)!
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@nikozwitschert nice nice keep us updated, guessing a lot of the community would be waiting for that one :)
@nivo0o0 @nikozwitschert Indeed. Btw, I'm curious, Niv, what's the distribution of iOS vs. Android devices of people accessing ProductHunt (either via native app or smartphone browser)?
@nivo0o0 you make the best demos
@nivo0o0 whoa why the Batavia reference?
What? Android first? Snap me and call me anything, downloading to test and see how this works :) Needed an app like this at least a dozen times :O
guys, just a suggestions - there could have been a iOS app sign up box on your landing page.
Looks cool! Any tips on implementing OCR?
Interested on this one as well.
This is awesome. There are a lot of use cases for this tech... i.e. take picture of printed article ---> Tech scans text ---> finds digital article ---> save to Pocket or Instapaper.