Instantly share CSV data and make it searchable

CSVshare is the easiest way to share CSV or spreadsheet data. Upload a file and get a shareable link in 30 seconds—free and no signup required. Plus, the data can be searched, sorted and grouped like a database. A project of Fieldbook

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Nice! Thanks! Now it would be welcomed a synced connection between CSV Share and Fieldbook sheets :)
Thanks @ajoscoa! You can import/export between them of course, but we don't have a sync right now. However, if you're already a Fieldbook customer, you can share a Fieldbook publicly in a similar way.
@jasoncrawford I just checked. :) but this is a new feature in FieldBook, right? Or did I miss it for weeks?
@ajoscoa Sharing with a link? No, been around for a long time!
@ajoscoa @jasoncrawford Hi Jason, Regarding sync, would push help? I'm advising Fanout.io who have an API-first push service.
Hey, what I love about Fieldbook is creating connected sheets with useful filters. I am on Fieldbook business plan but not able to completely depend on Fieldbook (and move from Airtable) because it doesn't allow (connected and synced) embeds. I second @ajoscoa point here Will CSVshare will anytime soon be directly integrated with Fieldbook? Any plans to bring embed features? Kudos to @jasoncrawford and team.
Thanks @adithya! Yes, we would like to add table embedding to both Fieldbook and CSVshare.
FieldBook rocks data! Simplicity of FieldBook now shareable. with no registration needed.. This makes it a great tool to send data to colleagues or clients.
Great way to share CSV file. Congrats Jason and team for launch.
Already a fan of Fieldbook. This is really useful!