CSV Lint

The Easiest Yet Most Secure CSV File Validation Service

CSV Lint is the easiest / no coding required yet most secure CSV file validation service on the internet, it specializes in validating large size CSV files against user-defined validation rules / schemas efficiently and securely.

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So, you have some data stored in CSV files, you need have them validated before sending them to someone else, or importing into some other system. If that sounds like something you're doing on regular basis, then CSV Lint is the service for you. You may ask, why do I need CSV Lint if I have Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets already, glad you asked, CSV Lint focus on doing one thing, data validation, and it does it very well. Here are 3 features make CSV Lint really stands out: - CSV Lint works really well with big datasets, we had tested it by loading datasets with over 1+ million records, and our service gets the job done less than a minute. - You get a link for every validation rule created, which could be shared with any anonymous user of your choice, it enables the data to be validated before it even gets to you. - CSV Lint is the most secure service of its kind out there, your data will NEVER get leaked, how do we ensure that? Cause no data is uploaded to the cloud, all processing is done locally.