CSV Explorer

Explore Spreadsheets with Millions of Rows

CSV Explorer helps you make sense of data.

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Hi PH! (Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc) I'm excited to share CSV Explorer, a tool I built for anyone to analyze big datasets. It started when some friends reached out about a spreadsheet they had received with 200 million rows! CSV Explorer users are consultants, realtors, journalists, and more! I'm here and happy to answer any questions!
If I understand it right, you cut down time that I spend on loading Spreadsheet with millions of rows, right? If so, how you do it/what's the difference between it and using Google Sheets for example?
@wiktor_sobolak Google Sheets has a limit of 400,000 cells. For a dataset with 10 columns, that's only 40,000 rows! CSV Explorer can help you load and analyze spreadsheets with millions of rows!
This could be huge for us. We're constantly exploring our customers CSV data.
Great job!! Do you have plans to integrate these to google sheets , excel , Airtable etc )
@ayush_chandra Thanks! The most common use-case right now is to use CSV Explorer to search large datasets and export the results to Excel. I'm working on some other integrations!