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Jason Strauss
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
Hi PH! (Thanks for the hunt @kwdinc) I'm excited to share CSV Explorer, a tool I built for anyone to analyze big datasets. It started when some friends reached out about a spreadsheet they had received with 200 million rows! CSV Explorer users are consultants, realtors, journalists, and more! I'm here and happy to answer any questions!
Wiktor Sobolak
Wiktor Sobolak@wiktor_sobolak · Growth Marketer
If I understand it right, you cut down time that I spend on loading Spreadsheet with millions of rows, right? If so, how you do it/what's the difference between it and using Google Sheets for example?
Jason Strauss
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@wiktor_sobolak Google Sheets has a limit of 400,000 cells. For a dataset with 10 columns, that's only 40,000 rows! CSV Explorer can help you load and analyze spreadsheets with millions of rows!
David Iwanow
David Iwanow@davidiwanow · Global Search & Traffic Manager @ Danone
Oh this is awesome!
James Bathgate
James Bathgate@james_bathgate · Development Lead at SearchSpring
This could be huge for us. We're constantly exploring our customers CSV data.
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! Do you have plans to integrate these to google sheets , excel , Airtable etc )
Jason Strauss
Jason StraussMaker@jastrauss
@ayush_chandra Thanks! The most common use-case right now is to use CSV Explorer to search large datasets and export the results to Excel. I'm working on some other integrations!