#2 Product of the DayDecember 25, 2016
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Another great extension to check out: https://csspeeper.com/
@huphtur such a coincidence cssviewer pops up after csspeeper got released. been using cssviewer for a long time now. great for actual css attribute inspection.
@huphtur WOW dank je wel!
I've been using this little extension for quite a while now. Comes in handy while inspecting container sizes, fonts and colors. The developer has done a decent job.
Handy, but it would be cool to be able to copy the CSS somehow. And maybe even edit it (ala Chrome console) without having to actually open the console.
so what makes this better than the dev tools included in chrome?
@thejeremycarson Just that you don't have to get into the dev tools. Just click the extension and hover over the elements to inspect. Also, it gives the info in a consumable manner even for a layman. Time saving and efficient often times.
I have been using this one for a while especially when Chrome Dev tools separate CSS attributes into to many classes.