Play against others in golf with your CSS skills

#1 Product of the DayApril 04, 2019
CSSBattle is an online CSS Code Golfing battleground. Here, players from all around the world try to visually replicate "Targets" in smallest possible CSS code and battle it out to get to the top of the leaderboard.
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Overall, really cool. Def worth expanding this further! I wish I could see the code of the leaderboards though, to see how they got such low scores.


- Really fun challenges - Love the concept of leaderboards - Easy signup


- To get low characters, can do "hacks" that you'd never want to do like not having an ending "/style" tag, or abusing shorthand/whitespace

Hello World! We bring to you the first ever code-golfing battleground for CSS lovers! We won't say much, head over to https://cssbattle.dev, try to replicate any target with the smallest possible HTML/CSS and climb the leaderboards! See you on the battleground :)
I'm confused. Can you not see the code that the leaders submitted? Or am I missing it somewhere in the UX?
@bluetidepro Nope. That would take away the battle premise. But we are looking into ways to get some knowledge sharing in there. Ideas welcome.
@chinchang457 I think the battle premise is slightly flawed currently anyways with the weird hacks you can do to cut down on characters. It's more about figuring out weird stuff you can actually submit and still have it work than using minimal VALID css/html.
@bluetidepro I was looking for the same thing! Because I scored 94.5% and I wanted to know how to improve.
@chinchang457 @bluetidepro hacking is part of good front end development. Knowing how you can break the rules is a sign of mastery, not failure.
@pmjtweets well said 👏🏼
This is crazily addictive. I loved it 🥰. It's super awesome for folks who wants to check their CSS skills 😇🌈🌈
@squiroid Thanks Rachit!
this is surprisingly fun and shows how resilient the languages are. great idea!
@mxbck True! Thats the premise for golfing :)