CSS Toolkit

Crazy interactive CSS animation builder (Mac)

Haven't seen anything like this on the market yet. Played around with it a during the beta and was blown away by how easy it is to visually build really great looking css animations. Well done @aexmo !
@ClarkValberg @aexmo Is it possible to build production-grade web animations with this? or is it for quick prototyping mostly?
@narekk @ClarkValberg code is production ready
thanks clark! had some fun pulling it together, lots of potential there to do more too :)
@aexmo Noticed your website states you're looking for a new home for your apps. Is this still the case? Just curious. Maybe you'd be able to convince InVision to acquire it? ;) (/cc @ClarkValberg)
Looks like this is a dead product - doesn't work according to review in App Store.