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#5 Product of the WeekNovember 21, 2019
CSS Scan Pro is a browser extension that makes it radically easy to get the looks of any website. Hover over any element, and copy its entire CSS with a single click.
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Looks good but the pricing strategy is utterly deluded.
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@itsnblackburn That was the exact wording I used when I saw this. I could get plenty of apps for less than $10 bucks a year, this guy wants $15 a month. Insane!
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@itsnblackburn $ 15 a month - that’s insane. A little example: Sketch charges $ 99 a year and just $69 the years after, and for that money I get .. Sketch! Questions? I think the developer made a typo, and it should read $ 1.5 a month. This will never work out for the developer at that price.
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@andrekalt Sketch has a lot more going for it, there is only so much a product like this can realistically acheive without loosing focus. I would happily pay a few dollars a month for this (less than 5) as it can see it being handy but not critical to my workflow.
@itsnblackburn @andrekalt I think it's because of who this type of product is inevitably aimed towards. Most likely trying to target people who work for a website agency that pump out websites for tons of clients. I'm not saying it's ethical, at all. But most of those agencies charge ridiculous prices for essentially just installing templates on sites. A product like this, means that you don't even need to purchase templates anymore. For $15/mo you can simply clone anything that you like and resell it at a premium.
@itsnblackburn I agree he completely messed up!
Sucks that previous owners of cssscan have to buy it. :( not very happy about it. Congrats on the launch tho.
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@amrin Yup, really disapointing
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@amrin I agree. At least, it should be offered as a separate lifetime deal for past CSS Scan clients.
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@amrin yes, I feel very cheated too. 15% discount for previous customers is pitifully small.
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@amrin I'm sorry, Amrin, Tomasz, Miljenko and Brandon. Our plans with CSS Scan and CSS Scan Pro are different. Think in CSS Scan as the fastest way to click and copy CSS. And think in CSS Scan Pro as the most complete browser extension to help you with web design works. Different visions that will make our focus with each one go in different ways. Both are great at what they deliver. You need to choose which one will be the most useful for your workflow. Pricing is different too: one is one-time, Pro is subscription - for a reason. We have given 15% for the previous version customers, that's about $18 off in the yearly plan. And as the products already are and will become more different, we don't think it should be merged as one.
Don't like it anymore... will not give another euro to the greedy subscription system... used to have 2 licences... deleted email and extensions. Will not recover keys. Don't want anything from it any longer. It is more expensive than some software bundles like Adobe or Office in comparison to what it offers...
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Bought prev version. It's good. Now there is subscription. It's too much for basically duplicating devtools. Especially when there is free VisBug.
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@aleksander_langolf Hi, Aleksander. Thanks for buying and liking CSS Scan! Appreciate it. VisBug is good, but it's a different product. For example, it doesn't gets pseudo-classes (:hover, :active, :focus, etc...), pseudo-elements (:before, :after, etc...), rendered font-family and keyframes code. It also converts all measure units to px, while CSS Scan keeps the original ones (%, em, px, or anything) - that's super important to keep your website responsive. VisBug also doesn't let you edit the CSS (in the same way), check and copy the final changes while seeing the code diffs, and have an overall different UI/UX. It's a different product, with a different goal. You can choose the best one for your work.
Brought the previous version not long ago. Now have to fork out more for pro? Figured previous purchase would entitle us to free upgrade. Not happy about it and won't be subscribing plus the pricing is too high.
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