CSS Scan 2.0

The fastest and easiest way to inspect or copy CSS ⚡️

#3 Product of the MonthMay 2019
Browser extension to inspect on steroids — Visualize the CSS of any element you hover over, instantly, and copy its entire rules with a single click.
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    (1) It's fast (2) Pinnable snippets.



    Edit again. I wrote a harsh review due to the current license limitation (2 uses) and I had to reinstall it >2 times, so it wouldn't work. Turns out this is not a greedy decision to make customers buy it more times like I thought at first, but for piracy reasons. @gvrizzo kindly contacted me, offering help and a new license without any hesitation so just keep in mind that while he's working on a better license system, be careful and don't uninstall/reinstall the extension too much.

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  • Aiden
    AidenBuilding stuff for the web ⚒︎

    Super easy to use, saves me a lot of time and keeps improving



    Guilherme works hard on creating the best experience for developers and it quickly has become a go-to tool in my development workflow. Keep it up Rizzo!!

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👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) 🎯 I started CSS Scan 10 months ago with the vision of creating the fastest and easiest way to inspect and copy styles of any element across the web. 🚀 Since then, it has grown to 3,800+ professional web developers users worldwide and received lots of improvements and new features - while still being easy and fun to use :) ✨ CSS Scan is especially useful for: - Discovering how your favorite websites are styled; - Debugging your own code; - Moving your codebase; - Copying specific elements from frameworks/themes/templates to use them without importing huge CSS files. 💰 CSS Scan is a paid extension that started as a side project and right now happily is my full-time work, so you'll always receive updates! 🙌 🌹 To celebrate Mom's day is happening a limited 40% offer on the website! 🎁 Try yourself a free demo here: https://getcssscan.com 🙏 This is a work that has taken me almost 1 year so far, so I’m excited to share with you and genuinely interested in hearing what you think about it. 💌 Thanks to everyone that already bought it and supported my work! If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears.
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@gvrizzo Congrats on the launch Guilherme 🎉🚀
@gvrizzo Congratulations on the launch!
@mubaris Thank you Mubaris! 🙌
@m1guelpf Thank you Miguel! 👍
@gvrizzo congrats! Love seeing your journey :)
@gvrizzo whats new in this update? 🌌
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron! Thanks for asking it :) Since the first launch, I've added: + Code syntax highlighting + Show rendered font + Show element dimensions + Option to pin the box + Shortcuts (Lots of people asked) + Option to move the UI buttons to the bottom + Option to pause the scanner + Option to truncate classes names + Show :hover styles separated + Copy :hover styles merged or separated + Traverse the element and scan the parent + Identifies when elements are being overlapped + Now it works on iframes! + More shorthand rules support + i18n: Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Portuguese + Redesign UI and landing page
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Congratulations on the launch Guilherme! CSS Scan 2.0 is super fast!! & super easy for me to inspect & copy the css! This is super useful tool & the price is affordable. Love the "Lifetime license". Thank you for making this. Much love from Singapore!
@fajarsiddiq Thank you again Fajar!
Great product and Guilherme is always there to help you sort things out
@frcbls Yes! I love to help everybody with it, if you have any questions or feedback please let me know! Thank youu Ferruccio! :)
@gvrizzo this is such an awesome tool. If I purchase license and use it on Chrome and Firefox on the same computer is that one activation of the license or two?
@gvrizzo @scottcents It would count as two which is a problem for me.