CSS Scan 2.0

The fastest and easiest way to inspect or copy CSS ⚡️

#1 Product of the WeekMay 14, 2019
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Browser extension to inspect on steroids — Visualize the CSS of any element you hover over, instantly, and copy its entire rules with a single click.
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  • Aiden
    AidenBuilding stuff for the web ⚒︎

    Super easy to use, saves me a lot of time and keeps improving



    Guilherme works hard on creating the best experience for developers and it quickly has become a go-to tool in my development workflow. Keep it up Rizzo!!

    Aiden has used this product for one month.
  • Akshay Kadam(A2K)
    Akshay Kadam(A2K)Maker of all things JavaScript 😘

    Literally the best chrome extension ever made for Frontend Developers



    Loved seeing the journey of CSS Scan from 1.0 to 2.0. And the commitment of Guilherme to improve the product from looking barebones to now professional. Congrats on the launch 🎉 PS: Love the landing page and social image.

    Akshay Kadam(A2K) has used this product for one day.
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Guilherme Rizzo
Guilherme RizzoMaker@gvrizzo · Maker
👋 Hello Product Hunters! :) 🎯 I started CSS Scan 10 months ago with the vision of creating the fastest and easiest way to inspect and copy styles of any element across the web. 🚀 Since then, it has grown to 3,800+ professional web developers users worldwide and received lots of improvements and new features - while still being easy and fun to use :) ✨ CSS Scan is especially useful for: - Discovering how your favorite websites are styled; - Debugging your own code; - Moving your codebase; - Copying specific elements from frameworks/themes/templates to use them without importing huge CSS files. 💰 CSS Scan is a paid extension that started as a side project and right now happily is my full-time work, so you'll always receive updates! 🙌 🌹 To celebrate Mom's day is happening a limited 40% offer on the website! 🎁 Try yourself a free demo here: https://getcssscan.com 🙏 This is a work that has taken me almost 1 year so far, so I’m excited to share with you and genuinely interested in hearing what you think about it. 💌 Thanks to everyone that already bought it and supported my work! If you have any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears.
Mubaris NK
Mubaris NK@mubaris · Full Stack Developer
@gvrizzo Congrats on the launch Guilherme 🎉🚀
Miguel Piedrafita
Miguel Piedrafita@m1guelpf · 17-year-old maker.
@gvrizzo Congratulations on the launch!
Guilherme Rizzo
Guilherme RizzoMaker@gvrizzo · Maker
@mubaris Thank you Mubaris! 🙌
Guilherme Rizzo
Guilherme RizzoMaker@gvrizzo · Maker
@m1guelpf Thank you Miguel! 👍
Pieter Levels
Pieter Levels@levelsio
@gvrizzo congrats! Love seeing your journey :)
Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
@gvrizzo whats new in this update? 🌌
Guilherme Rizzo
Guilherme RizzoMaker@gvrizzo · Maker
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron! Thanks for asking it :) Since the first launch, I've added: + Code syntax highlighting + Show rendered font + Show element dimensions + Option to pin the box + Shortcuts (Lots of people asked) + Option to move the UI buttons to the bottom + Option to pause the scanner + Option to truncate classes names + Show :hover styles separated + Copy :hover styles merged or separated + Traverse the element and scan the parent + Identifies when elements are being overlapped + Now it works on iframes! + More shorthand rules support + i18n: Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Portuguese + Redesign UI and landing page
Fajar Siddiq
Fajar Siddiq@fajarsiddiq · FajarSiddiq.com
Congratulations on the launch Guilherme! CSS Scan 2.0 is super fast!! & super easy for me to inspect & copy the css! This is super useful tool & the price is affordable. Love the "Lifetime license". Thank you for making this. Much love from Singapore!
Guilherme Rizzo
Guilherme RizzoMaker@gvrizzo · Maker
@fajarsiddiq Thank you again Fajar!
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio Balestreri@frcbls · Maker // Student
Great product and Guilherme is always there to help you sort things out
Guilherme Rizzo
Guilherme RizzoMaker@gvrizzo · Maker
@frcbls Yes! I love to help everybody with it, if you have any questions or feedback please let me know! Thank youu Ferruccio! :)
Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis@scottcents · CEO, Lewis Web Developments LLC
@gvrizzo this is such an awesome tool. If I purchase license and use it on Chrome and Firefox on the same computer is that one activation of the license or two?
Nathaniel Blackburn
Nathaniel Blackburn@itsnblackburn · UI Engineer
@gvrizzo @scottcents It would count as two which is a problem for me.