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🙂 👋 Hello PH Community! I'm a Co-Founder / Designer at CSS Peeper. 🔥 I'm happy to announce that we've just posted a major update of CSS Peeper and launched the new version of it. 🔎 CSS Peeper allows you to inspect styles in a simple, well-organized & beautiful way. It's a Chrome extension dedicated for Designers. 🎟 We make your life easier by giving a tool to reduce the amount of time spent digging in a code. 💜 If you like our product upvote and if you're curious about it, we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! ⚡️ Join our Twitter to learn more & brainstorm about upcoming features! Cheers!
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@dawidmlynarz 👍👍 kickass!
@dawidmlynarz Nice one, It would be nice if one could change the colors from your ext rather than using chrome inspection tool.
It looks fantastic but please make it available for Safari! :)
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Looks interesting but it's Chrome only.
@mikeway3 you can use it with vivaldi too ^^
Great extension, I already installed! :) Polską górą! :D
This is fantastic. The color feature alone is worth the install.