Lightweight and simple to use UI Kit.

#5 Product of the DayJuly 10, 2016

CSS Mint is a lightweight (just 3KB gzipped) and fully-responsive open source UI kit built to ease up layout and structuring of your web application. Built on top of normalize.css, it handles cross browser inconsistencies and provides minimalistic CSS components to be used in your application.

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Hey. It doesn't make sense to include screenshots of components instead of demo for a CSS framework.
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@wirddin lol would have to agree. It's very weird.
@wirddin I was just thinking the same thing!
@wirddin Totally agreed! I will change the demo with functional examples as soon as possible.
@wirddin First thing I noticed. It's mindboggling.
Hey @amdsouza92 , good work. Spent 5 minutes, this is what I could do : http://codepen.io/i_shankar/pen/... BTW, why 6 columns over standard 12 columns? Also, Kitchen sink would have been a better choice instead of screenshots.
@i_shankar 12 column grid system will be out in the newer version, also Ill add a kitchen sink as soon as I get time. Thanks.
@amdsouza92 If I get time, I'll contribute. Let me know.
@i_shankar Of course you can. Please go ahead.
@amdsouza92 Will send a pull request whenever done :)
Nice stuff! The only thing that I dislike is the 6 column grid over a 12 column grid.
@connorgutman 12 column grid system will be out in the newer version.