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Visual editor for learning and quick CSS mocking

#1 Product of the DayApril 18, 2020
This tool is made for quick prototyping, mocking, and learning CSS via tinkering its properties. The editor is capable of generating valid and prefixed, when necessary, CSS, SASS, SCSS, and LESS code compatible with all browsers
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After success on Hacker News two weeks ago, by looking at analytics numbers (11K returning users, and counting), I realized there's a real need in this tool. Thank you all for feedback and feature requests β€” I put my hands on it, right after talking to you (users). A bit more than a week later (e.g. today), I'm happy to deploy the latest release. I've shifted focus from just tinkering to learning and sharing your experience. So, what's exactly new? - In the first place a lot of new CSS3 properties, like blending modes and background clipping - Every property Now has a link to MDN documentation - Every property supported by its code-sample right above it - Generated CSS, SASS, SCSS, and LESS code now well-prefixed to work on >0.5, not dead, and IE9 to IE11 with autoprefixer - Keyboard shortcuts as in any other editor! Undo/Redo - New sharing experiences β€” after the desired result is achieved it can be shared via direct link, or saved as to your snippets list - Fonts! Now you can toggle between different fonts, default, system, and top5 from Google Fonts. Let me know if your favorite font is missing. I'll be happy to add it :) - Much better performance, especially on heavy filters, blurs, and 3D transitions - Much better on mobile devices - It's a full-featured PWA. It means you can install it via "Add to Home Screen" on iOS and Android devices and have this tool everywhere with you, even if you're offline! - Demos, to kick off inspiration and show capabilities of this tool, I've prepared a few examples (send me yours, I'll add your "styles" and name on our list) I hope this tool is going to find its place in your bookmarks. Do not hesitate to ask for more features and share your CSS3 artwork, β€” I'll be happy to add it with your name to our snippet and example lists. Let me know wdyt πŸ€”
@smart_egg Hey Dmitriy, First of all, congratulation on the release. I am documenting journey of individuals who are innovating, inventing, and creating things in general, through out the world. The proposal is to do a short interview, capture it in video, and let it out to the world, so that others can get inspiration. And, at the same time you and your team will get acknowledgement for the hustle. I would like to request you to please let me know when you are available so that we can discuss this in more detail at tellmeaboutit510{at}gmail.com . Thanks, and good luck! Subodh
@subodh__ Thank you for reaching out :) Sounds like you're working on something interesting and inspiring.
Love our main image creative styles? Here's direct link to it β€” https://cssbuilder.veliovgroup.c...
Nice project!
@iice89 Thank you! I'm glad you liked it
Awesome! 😍
@abdessalam_b98 Thank you for your feedback
It's really nice!!
@ankitsingh304 Thank you, I'm glad you found it useful.