Quarantine & chill with others in genre themed chatrooms

cSociety is a chrome extension that adds a chat window to your netflix page enabling you to chat with others all around the world in genre based chatrooms. Enter any room based on what you like or what you're watching & enjoy a cinematic quarantine
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"Netflix and chill" has a specific connotation that I fear you may be missing....
@dfoster hey Daniel, i totally get that but this product is not for the "netflix & chill" audience. This app is supposed to bring a social element to netflix during quarantine
@trace_rose_kay Your description starts with, "Netflix & chill...." -- if that's not the audience, why start that way?
@dfoster my description should say #Quarantine&chill :) a typo - not on our website or google store
Hey guys its Trace here (the founder) I was inspired to make this extension after stumbling across netflix party - to an introverted millennial with not many people to invite for a netflix party i decided to make something to connect netflix users to others around the world. A nice way to make an otherwise antisocial past time sociable during quarantine I hope you like it :) Trace