Suggests the best way to communicate with people over email

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Zach Dunn
Zach DunnHiring@zachdunn · CPO & Co-Founder, Robin
I've used this for the past week, and it's crazy helpful. Especially like how the auto-suggestions and personalities summary sentences make edits a no-brainer, since you don't have to think to revise. ...also amazed at how many of the people I email prefer short direct emails. Makes everyone's job easier. Drew + team did a great job on UX.
Ryan Gum
Ryan GumHunter@ryangum · CEO, Attach
This looks super interesting, not only for sales but also for communication in general. Added it to my Sales Tools collection:
Brendan O'Neil
Brendan O'Neil@brendan_o · Professional emailer at Robin
Been using for the past week and found it super useful for tweaking emails here and there. Summary + actionable advice makes is dead simple.
Robin Hawkes
Robin Hawkes@robhawkes · Created ViziCities. Formerly at Mozilla.
I tried this on myself and on the whole it's massively wrong, nearly the opposite of what I'm actually like. If anyone followed the recommendations when emailing me I'd likely not even bother replying! Let alone the other suggestions for selling to me or setting up a meeting with me. I appreciate that this kind of analysis is complex (my university dissertation was on analysing sentiment via Twitter), but in this case I think it's potentially dangerous to "recommend" how someone should be spoken to without actually getting to know them first. Even more so in high-risk environments like sales and business communication where the reputation of yourself and your business is at stake. Try this on yourself and see if you agree with the results – I'm curious.
Brendan O'Neil
Brendan O'Neil@brendan_o · Professional emailer at Robin
@robhawkes interesting - we ran the check on most of our team and friends and found it to be spot on, especially with some email warriors like our COO.
Jack McDermott
Jack McDermott@jackrmcdermott · Founder, Speech4Good
@robhawkes @brendan_o I, too, have found it 99% spot-on. Nailed my personality profile, for sure.
Robin Hawkes
Robin Hawkes@robhawkes · Created ViziCities. Formerly at Mozilla.
@brendan_o @jackrmcdermott I've also heard from friends that they agree with the results. I wonder why it got me so wrong, considering it claims to have an accuracy somewhere in the 70–80% range and I'm very active on social media and with public content.
Amrita Chandra
Amrita Chandra@amritachandra · Startup Marketer
@robhawkes Totally agree and has been my experience. (I just commented below before reading this).
Aaron Zakowski
Aaron Zakowski@aaronzakowski · SaaS Paid User Acquisition
This is one of the coolest products I've seen in a long time. Its assessment of my personality was pretty spot on. How can it only have 154 upvotes so far?