World's first crypto game show

The crypto market can be brutal at times. When all you see is red candles, feelings like joy and excitement can easily be forgotten. CrypTrivia wants to change this with a combination of thrilling questions and the chance to win actual crypto coins and tokens!

In every live show you will have to answer twelve questions. You win by answering them all correctly and within the set time limit. All winners get a portion of the prize – which is not made up of boring Fiat money but of cryptocurrencies and tokens!

So it's like HQTrivia but only with cryptocurrencies as price "money".

CrypTrivia is built on the blockchain. To enter a round you have to spend one of the CrypTrivia ERC20 token that will be airdropped for free to everyone who signs up for the waitlist. Tokens can be also traded for extra lives which can be used to survive in case you answered a question wrong. Other features include: A decentralized leaderboard, result detection as well as automated coin distribution to prevent manipulation.



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