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CryptoYum is unique in that our news and media sources are entirely community-curated - our community decides what coins, tokens, & projects should be listed & what sources have the highest signal-to-noise ratio.

We're just getting things started so feel free to suggest new resources here:


  • Pedro Rodriguez Operations Manager

    All in one place


    Nothing ng really, I am sure more coins will be added slowly

    Finally, everyth I need to stay up to date with the crypto currency market. This will be come my main tool to analysize the market and make my financial investments. Thanks for building this tool and thanks for launching this amazing product for free.

    Pedro Rodriguez has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Collective Wisdom



    My experience with John & Peter has been to date through the bitcoin pub, which has been so positive and helpful. Good intent + smarts + endeavour + people connection = awesome product. Can't wait to see it develop.

    Brett Robin Wood has used this product for one day.


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John SaddingtonMakerPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
My cofounder and I are passionate about bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency tech... so much so that we spend a good percentage of our time every single day reading the news from a variety of different sources (probably just like you too!). As we began sharing select news via YouTube ( ) our community began asking for our sources and ultimately they wanted a "curated" list of our favorite blogs, news, and media publications. We thought we'd "open source" the effort a bit and create a system where the community could help curate these sources to create the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the best tokens, coins, and blockchain projects. And thus CryptoYum was born. We're just getting things up and running and have a lot more tokens and coins and projects to add... feel free to suggest more on The Bitcoin Pub!
Ildi Xhaholli@madebyildi · Creative Artist
@8bit Congrats on the launch, was really looking forward to this one! Can you provide some insight into how you are currently curating the content on the site? For example, how much of the content is currently being submitted by users vs your team, and how does your team aggregate/curate the content? Im curious to know how much of it is manually selected by humans or are you using any tech/algorithms/nlp to gather/organize the links? Also does "All News" currently only feature links related to the top 11 coins listed on CryptoYum, or does it include more stories covering content beyond the listed coins?
John SaddingtonMakerPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
@madebyildi I've actually thought about doing a full technical retrospective... would that be of interest?
Ildi Xhaholli@madebyildi · Creative Artist
@8bit yes definitely would be 🙏
Philip Arthur Moore@philiparthurmoore · CEO, We Cobble
Congratulations on launching this, John. The UI is finally one in this space that doesn't make me want to claw my eyes out. Fantastic, especially how this connects your community with the curated news that you share. One question: where would we direct bugs we find or any wonkiness that is inevitable with V1 launches? Again, great work on this. I've been waiting for it. It loads quickly, is sleek, the night/dark modes are killer, and although the site is text-rich it doesn't feel scattered or heavy on the eyes. Well done!
John SaddingtonMakerPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
@philiparthurmoore Thanks philip... appreciate that. You'd also appreciate it that its built on WP...! There are going to be a lot of bugs, i'm sure... so, putting them here would be great:
Philip Arthur Moore@philiparthurmoore · CEO, We Cobble
@8bit Consider it done. (And I knew you still had the WP blood in you.) Cannot express enough how well done this is. Bookmarked and followed closely!
John SaddingtonMakerPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
@philiparthurmoore completely random... but watching your house get built has been neat.
Haitham Msouti@cryptohaze
I fell in love with it! Smooth UI, helps reduce the amount of brain fog I get everyday by simply doing the homework for me, presenting me the news I need without all the distraction that comes with such news channels and outlets, pop ups, sponsored news..etc
John SaddingtonMakerPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
@cryptohaze Thanks friend!
Reony Tonneyck@megaroeny · Designer & EV Advocate
This is fantastic, well done and congrats! Looking forward to using it in my crypto investment "hobby" :)
John SaddingtonMakerPro@8bit · trying to win the internet.
@megaroeny Appreciate it Reony!
Catalin Stratu@catalin_stratu · Founder & CEO
Very interesting project !!! It is very useful for me to read more articles about the crypto in the same place.