A real-time dashboard of the day's top 10 cryptocurrencies

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Hassan Djirdeh
I build things for work and fun
Thanks for hunting this Ali! @alirtariq :) Hey Everyone! I recently got into cryptocurrencies and wasn't able to find a slick dashboard of the best performing currencies, so I went ahead and spent a few weekends building CryptoVue. CryptoVue will help you keep track of the ten best performing cryptocurrencies based on market cap, price and overall circulating supply. Always real-time and up to date, CryptoVue obtains it's data from the leading cryptocurrency resource CoinMarketCap. I've just recently made CryptoVue to be a chrome extension as well to help folks check prices straight from their browser! As always, feedback is more than appreciated! Cheers everyone. -- Hassan Djirdeh
Alex DanilaSoftware Developer
It would be good if you could change the currency. I'm looking for prices in euro.