Own Twitter accounts, on the blockchain

CryptoTwittos is a game which consists in stealing virtual ownership of Twitter accounts and setting the price someone has to pay to steal them back from you. First steals are free. Game on!

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Very similar to Stolen, but on the blockchain. Perhaps this time Apple can't take it down. 😬 cc @blader
@blader @rrhoover Decentralisation FTW 🦊
This is kind of fun. It's basically a massive land grab early on to claim the popular twitter accounts for free (well, more like 15 cents a transaction with gas). Now I "own" some of the most popular athletes in the world. Who wants to buy them off me?
For basketball fans, I have Kevin Durant for sale. For soccer/football fans, I have Gareth Bale for sale. For American football fans, I have Aaron Rodgers for sale. All at the low price of 1 ETH :)
This felt like the right thing to build 😊 You can start stealing Twittos on Rinkeby or on the Ethereum main net if you're ready for the thrill. Bisous !

Pretty fun overall :)


I own Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, and it was free


If you dont get here early, all the good free accounts will be taken

Interesting! Will you consider additional fee (let's say a 2% of card value) that is paid to the Twitter account owner (or stays in the contract until claimed). This way there will be some sort of incentive for popular account owners to encourage the followers to trade their card.
@berman I lIke that idea! Too bad I cannot change the contract now 🤕😅