Breedable tulips, but on the blockchain 🌷

Blockchain-based, collectible abstract art that you can breed and gift to friends.

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Love it! Repeating tulip mania? πŸ˜„πŸŒ·
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Tulips, but on the blockchain. Welcome to 2018. Just like CryptoKitties, you can now breed and design your own tulips that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Build your own, send them to friends, or sell them - you can even claim 10 tulips for free (while supplies last!). 🌷
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Thanks for hunting @nickabouzeid. I built CryptoTulip while learning about smart contracts. The tulips are worthless, because they are not scarce, but they're great for showcasing smart contracts and ERC721 tokens. I made the code available for others starting to learn about smart contracts and dApps. Here to answer any questions 🌷
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This is too meta
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Sarcasm and irony are (very) strong with this one. I love it !
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