Real-time Google Trends & price data for 1000+ cryptos

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Looks good! It would be cool to see google trends index and price on the same chart. Right now it hard to understand price/hype correlation.
@_mayerr @rrhoover That's the plan Mayer! Thanks for checking this out :)
@_mayerr @rrhoover @nikhilwins "Right now it hard to understand price/hype correlation." The percentage change is the Price change or Google trend growth?
@_mayerr @rrhoover @denharsh That's the price change Harsh
@_mayerr Here's an example of the trend for "eth usd" to price for the past year, plotted weekly
Fascinating. I wonder how closely Google Trends data relates to future price inflation and if it can be used to predict tomorrow's fluctuations. 🤔 Thoughts, @nikhilwins @mg @erikfinman?
@nikhilwins @erikfinman @rrhoover It's certainly one interesting indicator. But there are a couple things to consider: 1) Time horizon — Right now it's set to 6 years, which is insane from the crypto world. I'd reign that in to the last 6 months at the *most*. 2) False positives and noise — Just searching for something like "Ripple" is not enough. For instance, a Google Trend will show data 6 years back, but the company didn't even exist then. I'd assume that some filtering will need to be in there for it to be accurate at all. 3) Lead time to spikes — Google Trends tends to work well when the information hits more of the mainstream. By the time something actually trends in any meaningful capacity, the time to buy is most likely done and gone. Various subreddits, Telegram and Slack chats, and a few other sources may be more likely to find the interesting opportunities.
@erikfinman @rrhoover @mg Thanks for the sharp insights Matt!. Made some minor changes. 1. The Google Trends search now factors in both coin name and symbol. 2. Also it is changed to past 6 months instead of 6 years. For the next iteration I will place both price & Trends data on the same chart for easier visualization of the correlation (if any). But YES I agree, Trends data is not very useful for early adopters. I will be on the lookout for how I can harness data from slack/reddit communities too!
I'm wondering what the goal of such a product is. More specifically, what is the rationale behind adding Google trends (which is merely a measure of the hype of each currency)? Seems to me like it is hard to draw any conclusion from the correlation or not between the Google trend and the actual price
@gflandre The goal is to give the user a visual on google trends data of a coin along with some market metrics. What I want to do next is to make it easier to actually see the correlation between price and Google trend by displaying historical prices alongside the Google Trend data, all in one chart. This would make it easier to visualize the correlation. I am open to suggestions too, on how I can make it easier!
@nikhilwins OK that's what I thought, but I'm just not sure there's a causation between Google Trend and the currency price. For example, if there's a huge Bitcoin price drop, it will be all the media and people will talk about. The same would happen if there's a big surge in price. No actionable conclusion can be drawn from that. But let's say this assertion is true, then what would be the added value? Can't predict the future based on that anyway.
@gflandre I'm not suggesting there is a correlation. This is simply an experiment to see if there is any at all, and the user can decide how they want to interpret the results. The added value is simple. Aggregate metrics about a coin and give the user a compact picture of a coin before buying/selling.
from a technical perspective, are you querying an API for google trends? I notice some raw data in the URL, are you scraping it beforehand? Love the project!
@gcwelborn Yup, I use the Google Trends API. The data you see in the url is just the JSON stringified coin object returned from the crypto api. I need this data to display certain metrics on the Google Trends page like market cap, etc so I simply passed the JSON string as a url param.
@nikhilwins I'm curious how you got an api key for google trends? I've been trying the past few days but it appears its only for researchers/journalist, is there something i'm missing?
@gcwelborn Right now I am simply using this . It is public. This project was as just a weekend experiment, but let's see where it goes in the future.
I've seen it suggested that searching on something like "BTC USD" may be a helpful indicator too.
@rollingherenow That's very insightful! Thanks for sharing Chris.