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Tax software for cryptocurrency

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Import trades, calculate gains, and prepare your report in 10 minutes!

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Thanks for the hunt Rob! What’s up everyone! I’m one of the co-founders of CryptoTrader.Tax along with @Lucasthewalter and Mitchell Cookson, and we’re thrilled to be on Product Hunt. CryptoTrader.Tax automates the entire tax reporting process for cryptocurrency. Just import your trades, add any forms of cryptocurrency income, and generate your auto-filled tax documents in a matter of minutes! You can import your generated reports into tax software like TurboTax, give them to your CPA, or simply file them yourself! We built the platform out of necessity for ourselves after getting into the world of crypto back in early 2017 and later realizing the tax implications of it all. Because of the way the IRS treats crypto, as “property” for tax purposes, it makes doing all of this by hand close to impossible. We knew there had to be a better way, so we set out to build the platform over a year ago now. At this point, thousands of people have used the software to do their crypto taxes, and partnering up with TurboTax this fall has helped us bring the product to many more users! We would absolutely love any feedback you have for us as we are still iterating every day to continuously improve. Please ask us any questions you have below :) we’d love to hear any and all thoughts!!

It made my life easy


Easy to use


may be

If you have any questions, their support team is extremely reliable and responsive. Very satisfied with this product overall and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has traded Crypto


Hands down the most efficient / least complicated solution I have been able to find!


A handful of friends and I have now used the product, and we are yet to find any hiccups

Great product and easy to use. For someone just entering the Crypto Market this year and having little prior knowledge about taxes this helps out a ton! The Support team was very quick to respond and helpful in answering any questions. Would highly suggest this product to everyone!


Easy to Use. Quick Responsive Support. Great Pricing


Haven't found one a Con yet

Very easy to use and much cheaper in generating tax report than other crypto tracking software.
@tin_nguyen4 Tim, thank you for the kind words! Pricing was something we thought long and hard about as we wanted to be able to reach a large amount of users as quickly as possible! Thanks for using us!
@davidkemmerer With your low pricing, it will not be difficult for CryptoTrader.Tax to beat all the competitions in no time.