Collection of Token Whitepapers from highest grossing ICOs

CryptoTokens.WTF is a collection of Token Whitepapers from the highest grossing ICOs. In total, these Whitepapers have raised over $1.3Billion .

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Intrigued by Startup Pitch Decks I thought I'd put together something similar and simple for ICOs. Nothing fancy or special here but its actually the basis for a bigger project I'm doing where I apply a framework to help people research ICOs.
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Simple and informative!! Adding to my bookmark right away. Thanks for putting this together and sharing with community @bentossell .
@bentossell lol was thinking of something like this on Sunday
Great work Ben. This will be really helpful for others running an ICO :-)
@danielkempe ha oh god have I inadvertently tried to help MORE people launch ICOs?!
@bentossell haha, but at least they will be prepared :-)
Awesome work Ben! So timely as ICOs are so hot right now πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
@earemu so hot OR a steaming pile of πŸ’© haha