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AdriaanMakerPro@88media · Web application developer
Hi Product Hunters & Lovers! My name is Adriaan and I created CryptoTeams. I have been following the crypto and blockchain space for a while and I noticed, with all the new awesome companies launching, I wasn't able to keep track of them all. I have a bunch of projects I really like and losing them in the media storm is something I wanted to fix. So I build CryptoTeams. We have some really amazing updates coming up and some really experienced people joining. So, keep tuned :) I have a little 'Christmas gift' for all the die hard product hunters! We are giving away 50 premium memberships for free. Just follow this link: Let me know if you have any questions or remarks and I will get back to you. Hope you like it! Adriaan
jan van iperen@ipears · #Dutch entrepreneur with broad interest
@88media Hey Adriaan, a lot of similarities in design with by Coincidence?
AdriaanMakerPro@88media · Web application developer
@ipears Hi Jan, I know cryptopanic and discovered them while I was working on it. There are some similarities, especially how the coin-tickers are shown in the feed. I also got inspired by Discord's color scheme :) And there is another project with some similarities. I also like the way etherdelta (and others) show the modules/blocks.