An interactive map with info on crypto taxes is a free source of information for cryptocurrency traders who need data about the taxation of digital currencies in their country. It's an open source project designed to grow by user participation and the help of certified tax advisors. If you have any info that's missing on the map, help us fill the blank spaces and get rewarded

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Hi guys, as active crypto traders and miners we've encountered a problem: complex tax regulations that can make a crypto trader's life really difficult. We also saw that we're not the only ones struggling with tax laws, governmental regulations and heaps of unreliable information online. More and more governments start taking cryptocurrencies seriously, so this issue won't be off the table soon. With the CryptoTaxMap, we are building a free source of valid and current information on the taxation of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Our idea is to gather information from users, experts and traders alike. We've already collected information on 50 countries, but in the end our goal is to color in all the blank spots with help from the community. Get relevant info for your country or help the worldwide crypto community with your own knowledge! Below, we've summarized all the advantages of using the CryptoTaxMap. We're looking forward to your feedback. For crypto users: - Get relevant info on how to pay taxes in your country of origin - Register for updates on new regulations or changes in the law of your country - Find help in a network of qualified tax advisors For crypto enthusiasts: - Contribute your knowledge and be rewarded - Help build a worldwide project For tax advisors: - Be part of a worldwide network - Contribute information and become CryptoTaxMap partner - Be featured in the map
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I was looking for immigrate cyrptoasdwer-banned countries to avoid krypto-shit... Love it. you know what I gonna take the risk.
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