Cryptoshirt by Woppal

T-shirt that emits cryptocurrency for connecting people

Cryptoshirt works using QR codes. Anybody around you with the Woppal app can scan your code to get few woppals off you. Why is this a good idea ? We don't know, but it sounds fun and crazy. This t-shirt comes with a default 10,000 woppals at the base level, and would say "cryptoshirt" on it. Use code PRODUCTHUNT for 20% discount.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
This is awesome.
Experimental and crazy! Looking forward to do more with tokens we mint from cryptoshirts
Been looking for this product! If you could make a few modifications thIs product would be perfect for guerIlla marketIng!
@jesse_bray What do you have in mind ? We have a couple of other products in the pipeline: - Crypto emitting stickers and posters. Same idea, QR code driven. - Tokenizer kit, where you can create your own token, call it "braycoin", set a supply of 10,000, and set distribution rules around it -- for example, it only emits on your birthday to people in your proximity.
@edinvejzovic Hi Edin, great question! Selling these cryptoshirts is a first step for us, to start to drive awareness as we explore various fundraising routes. By buying this, you are helping to support our mission, which is way more important than flying cars in orbit around Mars. We can’t all escape this planet, we have to find ways to collaborate right here, to build and grow collective income and wealth and do what’s right for the environment. This platform ties all of that together with cryptoeconomics. Over the next decade and beyond, with the advent of AI, increasing population and globalization — its going to increasingly hit the earning ability of those living in densely populated cities around the world. The world is getting brutally competitive, where the wealth is concentrated amongst a very few, including crypto wealth. People can either compete in bad ways, or collaborate together so that everybody wins. This platform is an effort to drive them towards positive collaboration in day to day life with those around them. To put a little extra money in their pocket, to help them save a little extra time. To work as a tutor in their area, for example, they would need a good enough reputation, discoverability, and a platform which charges them 0% commission and 0% transaction fees while managing the end to end workflow. The leading tutoring marketplace in the US charges up to 50% of a tutor’s earnings, which is bullshit. These are simple software platforms, and the question is that of the right business model, which is aligned with the interests of the users.  We use crypto here as a tool to build out a community which trusts each other and has shared mutual interests. Through Woppal, anybody (brands, small community places, college clubs, etc) would be able to create their own token and specify its fixed supply (using woppals), and set rules around its distribution, based on location, time or proximity. These tokens would be distributed peer to peer, through QR codes, and through the app, or automatically acquired by simply being at a certain place. People would acquire these tokens for fun, and to participate in that community. Imagine a world over the next decade, where millions of such localized tokens have been created and distributed, and if even a few acquire value through scarcity/demand, then that is a bonus as well. Bitcoin and other crypto, as inspiring as they are — are the business class of this plane; Woppal is the economy class. This is how billions around the world actually acquire crypto assets, while others talk about it and enrich themselves. We are in this for a very long time. Its an important social mission, one which needs to happen. If we don’t do it — who else will ?  Maybe you end up with a t-shirt and none of this happens. Maybe it works for a bit, you wash it, and its done. But, you would have tried. You would have been amongst the very first supporters of this effort, to build out a 10x better collaborative platform than Facebook. If it works and is enormously successful, I would love to have a coffee with you, for buying this t-shirt, on day 1, for believing when nobody else did. Thank you! PS: You can read more on the blog post linked above for further details.