Database of 35K+ Crypto / ICO investors & influencers

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35k+ growing list of ICO / Crypto investor & Influencers with 14 different segments ranges from ICO/Crypto Investors, Youtubers, journalists, partners, advisers, startups, workforce to hedge funds. Collected over 6 months by 11 dedicated crypto enthusiasts with 14 segmented list. All list in one place for ICO / Token Sale success.

Adalarasu Deivasigamani
MuthuKumar Gopal
Matteo Manca
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    Saw sample of investors list


    big list

    Will you accept any crypto coins or particular? As am having BAT only

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Adalarasu Deivasigamani
Adalarasu Deivasigamani@adalquardz · Founder,
You guys accept only crypto? How can I purchase using paypal?
G Moorthy
G MoorthyMaker@g_moorthy · Founder, Entrepreneur & Investor
@adalquardz We accept only Crypto at this point of time - But, we can send custom paypal invoice if you need. Kindly contact us at : - Thanks Adal
Matteo Manca
Matteo Manca@teo_manca · Blockchain Enthusiast
Great Database to launch an ICO!
Benjamin Diggles
Benjamin Diggles@mrdiggles1
Great platform. Love it. Only feedback is that it would be nice to see the team behind the project present on the website. In the world of Crypto, it is imperative that humans are present when surfacing industry information. A lot of shade in this space.
Alex Ratner
Alex Ratner@apr214 · Product @ Hawkeye Innovations
How is this legal? Compiling email addresses and selling them without permission?
Pushpakumara M W Arachchige (AKA-KK)
Pushpakumara M W Arachchige (AKA-KK)@pushpakumara_m_w_arachchige · Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Guys @CryptoReach Well done! this is a great offering to the marketplace. Go into more details when it comes to go-to-market strategy for ICO's. Your offering will evolve and develop into different concepts with time | investments. I wish you every success in the future and hope the venture is a success. Let’s keep in touch.