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Cryptoradar is a real-time cryptocurrency price comparison website that not only gives you the best price but also lets you compare various exchanges based on various features.

We currently support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Monero.

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Does the displayed price include the commission fee for each platform? It’s really important
@akimovnv That's a good question 👍
@akimovnv Whenever possible we try to include all fees. This is not always possible, because fees may vary depending on trading volume, payment method, your country etc. We made a tooltip that indicates which fees are included in the displayed price and which additional fees may apply. Just hover the price in the search results. (You can see an example of this tooltip also in screenshot #3.)
@josef_moser yeah, but it's more like an info tool, not a decision making tool then. For example if I want to put $10k in Bitcoin which I have in cash, the 'cheapest' way according to Cryptoradar would be EXMO. But if you really try to do this – you'd want to kill yourself because of the limits, putting in and putting out fees, etc :D I don't know what your mission is, but I'd suggest focusing a little more on transaction fees and limits: these are the factors that drive most uses away from stock exchanges to localbitcoins or whatever 'simple' exchange there is. Not trying to push anything, it's just my 2 cents :D
@akimovnv Thanks for your feedback. We agree that the fees and limits are an important factor and currently only the cheapest payment method is considered. We tried to provide more information with our tooltips, but understand that we have to improve here ;)
Definitely adding to my homescreen. Great execution. Congrats!
Good shout. I like the idea and the product There are a couple of questions tho 1. Cryptocurrencies prices are quite volatile and the differences between markets change often (that's why there is arbitrage opportunity in crypto space). Signing up into an exchange is a long lasting process, meaning: from the time you see the price and the time you are able to execute a trade the actual price has surely changed. You are not comparing instantly buyable assets, therefore the comparison could not make sense unless you have an account for each of the exchanges without having to wait for security checks and confirmations (days in some cases). Does it still make sense to have a meta search engine in these circumstances ? 2. How do you make money? (I don't see affiliate links)
@0x13a 1. We certainly see your point. Our initial mission is to bring more transparency to the space, helping you to compare exchanges without the need to gather all this data on your own. If you want to use it to buy instantly, you ideally you have an account on more than one exchange to make use of the price differences among them. 2. We currently don't make money with Cryptoradar. It's been a fun side project for the PH Global Hackathon.
Awesome, please add XRP :)
@calbachand We've added Ripple in our 2.0 release! Check it out here:
Well, its a great start. I am sure it will improve over time.