Facebook for cryptokitties built on Ethereum

Cryptopurr is a 'Facebook for Cryptokitties' or any ERC721 token built on Ethereum by No fees, open data layer. You can purr on test networks, so it's 'for free' (check your Kovan address - there should be a little gift if you have kittie).

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Been waiting for this since reading: Really interesting to see what the goals are here
@patrykadas @jacqvon @bentossell I'm Maciej Olpinski, the co-founder of which is the infrastructure that powers Cryptopurr. At Userfeeds we're building the relevance platform allows Web 3.0 dapp developers to easily add token-curated feeds & rankings to their app interfaces. With Cryptopurr, which we've built as a tech demo, we're exploring the potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (such as Cryptokitties) for decentralized identity, social media & new economic models around content discovery. The open data layer that is the blockchain creates fascinating opportunities where existing tokens can be used to create new experiences (outside of their 'intended' use cases). Cryptopurr is 100% forkable so developers can use it to build e.g membership sites with their own ERC721 tokens, with alternative rankings and economic models. Or if you're building a game you can use the in-game characters as social avatars. We're super excited about the upcoming 'mashup dapps' that remix the elements of multiple dapps into new experiences. So if you're building a NFT dapp we'd love to talk to you :)
Love how creative makers are building on top of Cryptokitties. It’s experiments like this that could lead to some really fun and useful dapps.

A code experiment for a fascinating vision. The idea of using NFT as avatars is congruent with the trend towards decentralized identity schemes.


The vision was awesome (Medium post), sharing an actual (open source) implementation is even better - kudos!



Hey @patrykadas, Can you tell us more about why you built this?