Accept Ethereum on your Twitch stream - with alerts

When someone wants to send you Ethereum on Twitch, they go to your unique donation page to pay you directly using Metamask, a browser plugin that connects to the Ethereum blockchain. If you set up StreamLabs alerts, you’ll also get real-time in-stream alerts so you can thank your supporters for their contributions.

No fees. Ever.

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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Iiinteresting. Why would a streamer want to collect ETH instead of good old fashion fiat via Twitch's built-in tools?
@rrhoover Accepting fiat on Twitch via Twitch Bits actually only transfers ~71% of the money to the streamer, with the rest getting absorbed by Twitch. ETH only takes a flat ~$0.05 fee for each transfer, so it is almost always better.
Patryk AdaśDesigner
Hi! Have you seen It seems perfect along with what you're doing, not only donations but also advertisement for tokens.
Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal 💎 Board of Gen-Z 🐝
Nice name ;)